Saturday, June 30, 2007

SP Revealed!

Got my last SP10 is the haul!

Tofutsies - which I will be very curious to try out.

Some Knitpicks Memories sock yarn...she didn't realize you need 2 skeins for a pair. I really love the colors though so I am trying to see if I can find a pattern for ankle-socks that I might be able to squeeze out of this.

Finally, blocking pins and a needle sizer. Thanks Megi! It has been great getting to know you over the last few months.

And, before I wrap up - I have made a little more progress on Bayerische:

It is sort of hard to see the stitch pattern here, but trust me it's there. I am now halfway into the second repeat. I got some Knitpicks circs to use instead of the DPN's and my speed has about doubled since I switched. It's still by no means fast, and it does still kill my hands so I can only do about 3-4 rounds at a time.

I also started a new pair of Monkey socks now that my smaller needles are here, am one repeat into that as well. But my camera battery died, so no photos of that just yet.



Erica said...

Ohhh...I have that same color tofutsies. We could make matching non-Bayerische socks. =)

Michelle said...

The words "non-Bayerische socks" are music to my ears :)