Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sock insanity...

My plan has been to do about 3-4 rounds of Bayerische per day, but I got a little behind waiting for the circs to arrive. So I did 6 rounds today.

This photo shows the stitch pattern MUCH better than the one I took last night. Not sure if it was because I took this during the day or what. I still loathe row 2 of the charts.

The Monkeys will be my resting socks. I haven't worked on them yet today, but here is how far I got on them yesterday:

I am going to love these. Fire on the Mountain is a fantastic colorway. These will be really fun, I think.

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Michelle said...

They are both going to be seriously kickass socks! I especially love the 'Fire on the Mountain' yarn. Once I'm off this damn yarn diet, Socks that Rock is the first thing on my shopping list.