Friday, June 22, 2007

Yarn and Insanity

...or is the yarn part insanity too?

Here is my alpaca sock yarn - yay! 2 pairs' worth. Even though I am amazingly otherwise engaged with socks, I can't wait to knit this up.

A bunch of people were going in on some dischcloth cotton to save on shipping, so I jumped in. I wish I could impress upon you how HUGE these cones are. Each of them weighs a pound. All this only set me back $22 (no that does not include the sock yarn).

And the insanity that includes Bayerische:

First I would just like to point out that certain CHEATERS* started knitting before yesterday evening. Those socks that are only halfway through the cuff ribbing are the ones that were started at the proper time (mine is the red one, eh?). I do forgive the cheaters though, because I got some tips from them that I can use when I get further into this. I am wondering what the heck I got myself into. After all the pre-talk about how easy this was going to be, I sat there last night watching people curse and say how they wanted to cry. These are knitters that are WAY more experienced and competent than I am. And I did say last night that if I mis-cross a cable, so help me I am not going to fix it (I don't know if this is actually true, by the way). I am really scared of this, to be honest. If it is any indication, right after I finished the first round I pulled one of the DPN's right out of half the stitches it was holding. I managed to pick them up again, but, uh, LOSER! I'm going to try to finish the cuff tonight.

Um, and why is the Yarn Harlot's blog not working today?

*I'm really just busting the chops of those who started early. :)


Julie said...

For miscrossed cables (just in case, you know?) check back in Stephanie's archive as she shows two ways to fix them one of which just involves duplicate stitching with no ripping out.
Scroll down because the top of the post is about ripping back but the bottom is the duplicate stitch method.

K. said...

More pretty yarn... I haven't had the nerve yet to do socks with any serious cabling on them. I love doing cables on a sweater, though.