Thursday, June 14, 2007


The 17-year cicadas have emerged. Luckily, we don't have them by my house, but at work we have them by the hundreds of thousands. They are so loud I can hear them sitting at my desk, and when you walk outside it is so loud it hurts your ears. Today I was on my way home when I saw this on my passenger seat:

(sorry for the blurriness, cell phone photo) Anyway, eek!

In better news, I got a new SP package!

Colorful Opal sock yarn...

This is actually more of a teal than the navy the photo looks like...

And fun fur, except it's silk instead of acrylic. I am imagining what might need a fun fur border :)

And fun candies. Thanks SP!

Julie has a fun meme where you list the things you are doing to help the environment. I can't stay away from this one -

1) I drive a hybrid car.
2) We have replaced most of our lightbulbs with compact fluorescents.
3) I carry canvas shopping bags and use them for most food purchases. Sometime I will remember to bring them along for other types of purchases.
4) We compost all food garbage except meat and bones.
5) We don't eat any processed food, so we have very little packaging to throw away.
6) We have an organic veggie and flower garden.
7) We keep our heat at 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer. When it gets too hot in the summer I go hang out in the basement.
8) We recycle every unneeded scrap of paper that comes into the house.
9) We use a manual lawn mower.
10) My husband takes the train to work (we used to carpool until he started working in downtown Chicago).
11) We try to buy as much local food as possible, in season.

I know there is more - we are absolute fanatics about this - but I'm too tired to think of it.

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Julie said...

Ooo nice Opal! That's another favorite of mine that wears really well. It's so funny you sent me the Cherry Tree Hill because I'd entered my stash on Ravelry and thought, "gee, I really need some more of that". Mind reader?

I realized I use my own shopping bags as well and forgot that on the meme. I also recycle magazines into envelopes and origami paper. I knew I'd think of more after the fact. I'm still jealous you've got a hybrid car. Ah well, eventually these boys will finish college and then it'll be in the budget!