Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ready to move somewhere there are no cicadas.

Last night I went to leave work and as I was driving through the parking lot a cicada jumped onto the back of my neck (seems it snuck into my car) and started screeching into my ear. I threw the car into Park, opened all the doors, and tried to get the thing out, but I couldn't find it anywhere. All seemed to be OK, so I went to leave again, but I could hear it chirping even though I couldn't find it. It "talked" to me the whole way to the grocery when I got there I went into the hatch of my car and shook everything in the hatch, and finally the cicada flies out, right into my face of course. But when I was done with my grocery shopping and got in my car, I heard the chirping again! I heard it all the way home, when my husband finally folded down the back seat and found it, not in very good shape.

He dispatched it for me. :)

I will be so glad when cicada season is over.

So I've been tagged for a meme by someone whose name I don't know... seems it is the "7 random things" meme. I just recently did a 100 things about me post, but we'll see if I can get through this one without repeating anything.

1) I hate Starbucks. I love coffee, will not touch that burnt-out crap they try to pass off as coffee.
2) I refuse to frog my knitting in almost all cases. I usually either leave an error as is (if you can't really see it), drop a stitch down to the error and pick it back up, or tink.
3) I work way too many hours. Either I am at the office way too long, or I am doing work at home on my laptop. I am trying very hard to gradually reduce this (but it's definitely not something I can do quickly).
4) I dream about tornadoes when I am under a lot of stress. I really hate those dreams.
5) I was a Goth in high school (this tends to shock everyone who didn't know me back then).
6) I smell like chlorine all the time. I swim often enough that no amount of showering gets rid of it.
7) For some reason, people always assume I am a vegetarian. I don't eat meat as often as most people, but the truth is, I'll eat any meat that doesn't come from a cow (beef or veal).

As for the Grasshopper socks, I made a lot of progress last Sunday, but then Monday I found a dropped stitch. The pattern is weird enough that my only recourse was to tink back about 10 rows, which took me all week. I am now back to creating instead of destroying.

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