Monday, June 04, 2007

How's this for customer service???

I have to put in a good word for the Chef's Catalog. Listen to this:

There was, until recently, a Chef's Catalog retail store somewhat near-ish to where I live. When my mom was in town at the beginning of April, we decided to swing over there on our way to a restaurant for lunch. Turned out they were closing the store, so everything was 20% off. Well, they carry All-Clad pans, and All-Clad never goes on sale. So we bought a bunch of stuff. And the next Saturday I went back and everything was 40% off, so I bought more All-Clad. Happiness and much cooking ensued.

Come to find out a few weeks later, that All-Clad is having a special deal right now, wherein if you spend $500 on All-Clad products, you receive the following:
- 8 skewers for the grill
- barbecue mitts
- apron
- a freaking PANINI PRESS PAN (I have been lusting after this for YEARS).

There is an order form that can be found online for the skewers/mitts, so that is not much of a problem, but to get the apron and pan, the merchant you buy it from is supposed to send them to you (or give, in the case of a brick-and-mortar merchant). Sigh.

Well, I figured what did I have to lose, so I emailed the Chef's Catalog customer service department last week to see if they'd be willing to send me the loot if I sent them copies of my receipts. It took them awhile to check into things, but then yesterday I got an email that yes, I could fax over the receipts and they would honor the offer.

Now of course things at work were insane today, and I remembered as I was on my way out the door at 6:30 this evening. But I dutifully sent my receipts via fax, and came home to an email from Lisa (best customer service employee in the world) who tells me she got the fax and the goods are being sent out to me right away.

I think this Lisa woman, who has been helping me all along, deserves a huge raise. Plus, that company has just won my loyalty for life. If you are at all in need of any sort of kitchen equipment, I highly recommend these guys.

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