Saturday, June 23, 2007

Eunny Jang is Satan's Spawn.

How else would you explain this...

7 rows of ribbed cuff - 45 minutes.
1 increase round (not counting my bonehead mistake that I had to fix) - 10 minutes.
1st row of charts - 30 minutes.
2nd row of charts - SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTES.
3rd row of charts - 50 minutes.

After all this knitting time, here is what I have to show for it:

Seriously, on most other sock patterns I would be most of the way to the heel flap by now.

The only positive I can find here is that this makes the Grasshopper socks look easy and quick.

I anticipate I will be finishing the Bayerische sock sometime in 2016. And then I can cast on for the second one.


Erica said...

I promise that you will get to row 5 soon. Row 5 only has 3 little crosses on each side of the sock. It's the easiest repeat in the chart so far. =)

Kelly said...

hey I screwed up the first row of the chart

sillyewe said...

Can I just tell you how jealous I am of the Firebird colorway??? I didn't join..I am kicking myself. :0( I think your Bayerische look terrific!. Keep gets faster and once you see the progress beyond you will love it. The reds are great! What size needles are you using? You probably wrote it and I didn't see it for the bright glare of the Firebird... ;0) Dry? Dry, did you say? What is that? I am already making evacuation plans for my stash.........

Michelle said...

Sharon - I'm doing the Bayerische on KP size 1's, which is actually slightly larger than most size 1's. Based on her specs I was afraid the socks would be too small if I used 0's.