Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wiped out.

So, the symphony last night was OK. I think the CSO is overrated. The venue was really really cool (over 100 years old), but the orchestra is no better than Milwaukee's, and I think actually maybe not quite as good. C said he thought they were sloppy.

Today has been kitchen frenzy day. First, lowfat pumpkin pound cake (not half bad). Then the usual bread for the week - buttermilk honey bread this time around. Also have had a pot of chicken stock going all afternoon, and right now a mushroom pizza is in the oven (although I had nothing to do with the pizza, C owns that).

I also spent a few hours doing fall cleanup in the garden. While doing that, I found the oddest plant I've ever seen. It has huge holes in the leaves (I've seen other weeds with holey leaves though). And it has these kiwi-shaped things with huge spikes all over them. I took a photo before pulling it, so you could see what I mean.

Isn't that just completely bizarre? If you have any clue what it is, let me know!

I am finally planning on starting the second sock tonight. If I get through the 10 (or 12, I can't remember) rows of ribbing on the top I'll be happy.


Julie said...
I think you may have had a Datura. Those are poisonous btw. I don't think the holes are normally there- it's been chomped by something most likely.

Michelle said...

Interesting! I googled it and apparently people use it as a hallucinogenic drug. Yikes. Well, it's long gone now :)