Thursday, October 19, 2006

My SP is going to love me.

I don't normally post my gifts for my SP here, but I have to for this one.

Today I went to a LYS I'd never been to before, that is right by my work. Aside from the fact that I spent 30 minutes walking around looking for it (I needed the extra exercise anyway after eating those damn brownies this week), it's really very close to work and I will go there more often now that I know where it is.

I was planning to do just a small Halloween-y package for her, but then I saw this:

Gorgeous purple Koigu. Now mind you, I've never bought Koigu for MYSELF even, and this is the most beautiful colorway ever. It looks even better in person (what looks like black in the photo is actually darker plum, and there are about 6 different shades in there). Oh, and these were the only 2 skeins.

Anyway, so there are things both good and bad about having a spoilee with similar tastes. Good - easy to find stuff they'll like. Bad - it's really hard to give it away once you have it.

Now that this is now a not-so-small first package, it's painfully obvious to me that I'm going to go over the recommended spending amount. But I don't really care, as long as she appreciates it, and I think she will. I hope she has fun with it.


Lacy said...

I think I always go over the limit. But I do so enjoy buying things for people. The yarn is beautiful, and I can see how you'd be tempted to keep it in all its purple glory :)

Michelle said...

Yeah, I went over last time too...but probably not as much as I will this time! Who cares, right? The point is having fun.

Julie said...

Wow that's beautiful yarn! Koigu is one of my favorites. Must be a Herculean effort to give that way. ;)

Katy said...

What yarn store in the general Chicagoland vicinity has Koigu? None of the shops that I frequent have it, but there are more than I visit.

P.S. I found you through the SP9 Participants page