Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe...

I'm back. :)

Actually, I was going to post yesterday, but we had nasty weather of the type that required shutting down all the computers and high-tailing it to the basement. More of that is expected tonight, but it's not here yet.

So, I still want to show the lovely dinner from Sunday....

This is a cider-roasted chicken...Brined in apple cider for 7 hours, roasted for an hour, then the skin was removed and it was basted with reduced apple cider...roasted for another 10 minutes and basted again. It was delish.

And for dessert...apple pie :)

You can't really see it, but the steam vents are in the shape of a heart. C is in charge of the piecrusts around here, and he always vents them with a heart or a smiley face.

And I need to show off the sock I am working on! I started this 2 weeks ago. I am hoping to finish it by this weekend so I can get the other going and hopefully complete it before I leave for Europe.

Speaking of Europe, I've discovered that British Airways does not allow knitting needles in carry-on baggage. Ever. Nothing to do with the heightened security. Please cry with me. I am looking at 2 hours minimum sitting at O'Hare, an 8 hour flight to London, a 4 hour layover in London, and another 2 hour flight to Venice. I will be taking sock knitting with me in my checked bag, but you know I am going to get much, much less done than I originally hoped.

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Lacy said...

It SUCKS that you can't take knitting needles on the plane. Thank god you checked, though. I would've skipped merrily along, not even thinking that British Airways might have different rules from American carriers..