Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More chocolate :)

For my boss' birthday, I baked brownies to take to work tomorrow.

They are my usual drool-worthy brownie recipe, but with peanut butter chips instead of chocolate chips, and sprinkled with Reese's Pieces on top. I warned everyone they better work out tomorrow! :)

And here's my progress on Retro Rib Sock #2...

If I work hard, maybe I can finish by this weekend.

Edit: I just ate 3/4 of a brownie. I couldn't finish it. Too rich. I feel sick :P Co-workers are in for it tomorrow. Boss will love it.


Michelle said...

Hoo boy, those brownies look good.
Forgive me ignorance, but what exactly are Reese's Pieces? I think they're some sort of chocolate/peanut concoction, but I may be completely wrong.

The sock looks great, too. I love the colours.

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle -

Reese's Pieces are sort of like M&M's, except there is peanut butter inside instead of chocolate. There's no chocolate in them whatsoever.

The brownies were great - I dealt with one better the next day when I hadn't been licking the raw batter that was left in the bowl :)