Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Got out into the garden for a bit tonight. Spent a good hour weeding (it would probably take 20 or so to clear the whole place out, truthfully). Anyway, nothing seems to be growing that well. The tomato plants look anemic. I have an eggplant roughly the size of an apricot and the plant itself seems to be dead. The edamame leaves are full of holes. The pole beans and peas completely died. The cornstalks are yellow. There are only a few potato and carrot plants that came up. All the vining stuff (squash, melons) are happy and green and flowering, but it's mid-August and nothing is fruiting, not even the summer squash.

I feel like giving up.


Michelle said...

I'd offer you some advice, but since my garden consists of a small square of brown grass, a clothesline, and a lone patch of violets growing up through a crack in the concrete, I'm probably not your girl. Best of luck with it, though.

How was Yo-Yo Ma?

Lacy said...

Could the heat have done your plants in?