Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ahh, Sunday.

Sunday is generally my kick-back day. I try whenever possible, not to have any activities planned for Sunday because otherwise I end up feeling like I didn't have a weekend.

My usual Sunday ritual:
- Get up early, trek to the gym, get in a swim and a yoga class.
- Come home and cook breakfast (usually waffles). Eat.
- Read the huge Sunday paper.
- The rest of the day is whatever I want. Usually there is some bread baking in there (but not today because I have a good amount of bread in the freezer, and you can't freeze bread well for TOO long). Maybe some laundry, gardening, or light cleaning. Otherwise, I spend the bulk of the day reading, knitting, etc.

Today I do have some laundry to do but I think I will knit most of the day (yesterday inspired me!). We are planning to grill burgers for supper tonight, along with fresh corn on the cob.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the best things from yesterday. They had a person designated as the "Knit Doctor" who you could go to ask for advice to fix a problem you have or show you how to do something. I showed her my socks with sloppy stitch pick-up, and she showed me how to properly pick up stitches - YAY! This was huge for me, since I've never had anyone show me ANYTHING knitting related, I've figured everything out from books, and now I get how to do it. I'm just about done with the heel flap on the light green Cascade socks, so later today I should be putting her advice to use. That alone was worth the price of the admission to the show.

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