Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's here! It's here!

All I can say is my SP (no longer secret) totally rocks.

A few minutes ago this got dropped off at my house:

Full of possibility!

Wrapped goodies inside!

Everything all spread out...

A booklet of Manos Del Uruguay patterns - giving me an excuse to work with one of my favorite yarns!

And some yarn to use for the patterns! :)

If I wasn't sure I loved my SP before, this made me sure. This is my FAVORITE chocolate.

And she actually knit me something! With beads in it! And it's lined and has a zipper! I am beyond impressed. It's so totally cute too!

Yummy-smelling lotion to soothe my hands when they get dry from too much knitting...

And a bag in fabric to match my needle rolls (C saw it and said "that is totally perfect for storing your sock knitting!")

Oh, and this was inside the bag - I wish the colors had come through better. This is absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you so, so, so much Julie! This has been an incredibly fun few months. I look forward to reading your blog and finding out more about you. I hope your spoiler has spoiled you as much as you have spoiled me!

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Sting said...

Woohoo, glad to see it all arrived intact- especially the lotion which I was a bit worried about. I'd have been a sad puppy indeed had it leaked onto the yarn. ;)