Sunday, August 27, 2006


OK, so the chocolate decadence is QUITE good. Very chocolatey. Well worth it, I think - highly recommended. Plus since I had to double it, we have 8 servings for 2 people, so this will last us through Wednesday.

So I have found a beautiful, but sad, older cat needing a home on the Siamese Rescue site. I really feel like I could be the one to give her some love for the time she has left (she's 15), but I'm having a hard time talking C into it. :(

I think she needs to come and live with me.


Michelle said...

I was waiting to see how the chocolate decadence turned out. I may have to make some myself, now!

I think that cat needs to come live with you, too.

Latte said...

Who couldn't use one more sweet meezer in their lives? We're a group of three and quite happy!

Junior said...

Maybe trade the bike for the meezer!