Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update time...

So I got another SP package the other day - imagine my delight when I found THIS inside:

Malabrigo! I usually gush about Manos del Uruguay, but Malabrigo is pretty much the same thing (and let's face it, the name is more fun). I love the colors! Also, some fun Burt's Bees goodies - I love Burt's! She also sent some really nice Body Shop perfumes that I unfortunately have no photos of because I was too allergic to them to take them out of the ziploc bag :( I will find a good home for those, though.

Here is a better view of the yarn for the Monkey Swap socks:

Whee! I do have to say the colors are a bit deeper than in the photo, though. I did wind the yarn, but didn't take any photos of that yet.

And now for something completely silly... I wandered into the washroom on a different floor of my work building today, and encountered this sign:

I couldn't help but snicker. They REALLY used the terms "#1" and "#2" to identify the various, um, "deposits" you might be making? Good lord. I am actually all in favor of this technology to avoid wasting water, but are we all 6 years old? (I know. I can't believe I went and got my cell phone to take a picture of it either, but seriously, this was too ridiculous not to share.)

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sillyewe said...

heh heh ehheheh I love the pic of the toilet/water saving advice. Cracks me up to no end. Too bad about the perfumes, but the yarn and the Burt's are great!