Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Need to vent...

OK, so I posted about this elsewhere, but I feel this needs a wider audience, so here goes:

So today I was leaving work (quite late as usual). My office is about 100 feet from a major intersection, very near to which there is construction going on. So there was nasty traffic. It took me 10 minutes just to get up to the intersection to turn right, because the cross street was full of traffic, even sitting in the intersection when the light was green for our street.

Well, this jerk behind me starts honking because apparently he wants me to drive THROUGH the enormous FedEx tractor trailer truck that is immediately in front of me in the road. And proceeds to honk every 30 seconds because he seems to know some miraculous way I can go underneath it or fly over it, or something. Of course when that truck moved, the light was green for the other road, and the guy kept honking as cars streamed past in front of me with maybe 20 inches between them. Suddenly I see him open his car door and GET OUT OF HIS CAR AND START WALKING TOWARDS ME. He looked about 50 and very out of shape, but menacing.

Just as he got to the very front of his own car, I saw a tiny opening, and even though someone immediately opposite me was turning left and headed for the opening, I squeezed in. That meant that while he was scurrying back to his own car, that left-turning car and several others got between me and him...and luckily it seems he was not getting on the expressway I was, because he did not end up behind me in the left turn lane.

It all ended well, but how scary is that? I can't believe some people are such jerks. Basically he was just taking the bad traffic out on me, because I guarantee you, had he been in front of me instead of behind me, he wouldn't have been able to go anywhere either.


Michelle said...


Some people should not be allowed on the roads. Correction: some people should not be allowed out in public before they get their seething, irrational anger under control.

sillyewe said...

What an ass that guy must be....and just what was he going to do when he finally got there to your window? Concelaed handgun license.....that's the ticket. ;0)