Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Playing catch-up.

Work has been KICKING MY ASS lately. Add in the commute (an hour plus each way) and I don't have much left.

Over the holiday weekend we worked on the garden. It is always a jungle by this time, but it is a swamp until the second week of May so we can't get on top of it early. We weeded, turned beds over, and loosened soil. We got all 100 tomato plants in (that's right, a hundred, not a typo), 5 bell pepper plants, and a couple cucumbers. Tonight I did some direct seeding of butternut squash, buttercup squash, hubbard squash, muskmelon, and watermelon...oh, and pumpkin. Those all take up tons of room so I only did 3 seeds of each. I'm going to try to spend 15-20 minutes in the garden every evening so the weekend won't be so bad. There is still so much to do!

I have an outgoing Secret Pal package that has been sitting by my front door for 2 weeks. I feel like a schmuck. I also received a package a week ago and haven't posted photos yet. Basically, I suck in the SP department right now.

I have also been knitting. I'm almost halfway on the second Monkey sock. I need one more monkey related item before I can send that package off, but the rest of it is packed up in the box.

Depending on when I get home tomorrow, I am hoping to take and post some photos.


Julie said...

Sounds like we are in about the same spot on the Monkey swap. I've just finished the gusset on sock #2 and also have one item left to buy. I did finally locate the item in question so just have to make it out to the shop.

The garden sounds fab. I wish my huge frontyard and teensy backyard were reversed so I could have a much larger garden. I feel so cramped with only 8x8 to work with.

K. said...

Wow, you love your tomatoes! I guess I am luckier than I knew. We are able to start working on our garden in March or April. We can't plant much until May, though.