Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zipper Hell

So last night was the "zipper party" for the Basketweave Sweater. Party as in me and my friend Bobbi who comes over to knit on Fridays. She knows how to sew, which of course means I begged her for help.

So. Seven inch zipper. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. Started around 8:00, finished at 12:30. Slow slow sewing, lots of frustration, lots of ripping out and re-doing, but the zipper is IN. And it looks great.

I am going to start putting the sleeves in this morning. Pictures when I'm done.

A gazillion thanks to Bobbi - there is no way I could have gotten this done without you.

1 comment:

bobbi said...

Michelle, you are so welcome, I enjoy our Friday nights together, knitting or helping or as you know I'm good at lots of talking.