Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Birthdays

It is lucky that C's birthday is in the spring, as he always wants artichokes for dinner. Until last week I've had no luck finding any, not even bad ones. Last week I found some bad-ish ones, but I managed to get halfway decent ones for today. So for dinner - artichokes and apple pie (instead of cake).

Other than the sweater, I got him this kite:

Except it's all in black and the yin-yangs are rainbow colored. Whee! It is good for a wide range of wind speeds, which is why I chose it. Too bad he wasn't feeling quite well enough to fly it today (if you've never flown a stunt kite, they are quite a workout, especially if, like me, you suck at it and crash them so have to run and set it back up).

Happy 31st to the love of my life. May I be so lucky as to wish you many, many more happy birthdays. :)

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