Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I wasn't going to blog today, but...

I came home from work (late) tonight with a splitting headache...but found this waiting for me:

This is from Sharon, my SP9 spoilee. And look how unbelievably sweet she is:

A "magic towel" with hearts on it - I am silly enough that I am looking forward to making it turn into a towel... and some beautiful stitch markers...

Absolutely GORGEOUS yarn!! (the plotting begins on what to do with it...)

And a fancy chocolate/marzipan bar...yum!

I heart Sharon...she was such a fun spoilee, and she was such a good sport about my vacationing in Europe for 2 weeks right in the middle of the exchange. Thank you so much Sharon - and I hope you'll continue to keep in touch, as insanely busy as you are!

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sillyewe said...

Yea!!!!!!! I know you love jewel tones, so I thought these were perfect for you. I searched high and low for dark choc Reeses, but to no avail. I will continue the seach. ;0) As for the wrapping...a little longer before sending and i could have added Easter, for God's sakes. I don't know why it is so dang hard for me to get to the Post Office.... ;0)