Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring forward

So, due to the time change plus the fact that I have a cold, I didn't go to the gym this morning (those who know me really well will know what a big deal this is). I have pretty much sat around the house knitting all day. I have gotten exactly 14 rows done on the basketweave sleeves. I am hoping to do 8 more, but it takes SO long! I didn't take another photo, because it looks pretty much just like it did yesterday. I'll save the next one for when they are done. They are at 19.5 inches left, so I have 7 to go....which, at 8 rows per inch, is 56 rows. Gah. I am going to try to do an inch per day this week - that would get me done with them on Saturday, at which point I can attach them to the rest of the sweater and hopefully get started with the zipper and collar.

And I just have to put in a plug for my new favorite cereal:

Very blurry, but I didn't take it myself. anyway, it's supposed to be very good for the digestive system (which was why I bought it, given the issues I have), but it is delish! And 12 grams of can't get much healthier than that. I think the only drawback is it's $5 per box. I will probably keep buying it, though.

C is going to take a nap before supper, which means I'm going to try to sneak in 4 of those 8 rows I have planned. If I'm lucky I can do this without staying up extra late tonight.

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