Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No knitting today

I honestly don't feel like it.

I had a craptastic day at work today.

Started off regarding a project I did a year and a half ago, upon some research it looks like the database vendor did not implement the way we thought they did. So I got yelled at - how could you miss it in the audit, etc., etc. After a few hours of digging, I found my audit and some documentation, and showed boss what I signed off on. She let up on me after that but I still felt on pins and needles all day. In addition, I find out this afternoon that one of the teams that reports up to me sent out the completely wrong mailings to 20,000 people. That plus a bunch of little things. They just kept coming.

Anyway, there is one piece of flourless chocolate cake left (made it over the weekend) and I figured I would split it with DH after supper tonight, since chocolate always helps on a bad day. Well, I was (and still am) too full after dinner for any cake I even changed into sweatpants (in case it was just pressure from my jeans), but no dice - C laughed at me for this. I could force it down but then I'd have a miserable tummy all night.

Oh well. I know my problems are minor compared to many others, but for some reason it doesn't stop me from feeling whiney.

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Julie said...

That stinks, especially the lack of room for cake! I certainly hope today is a better day for you.