Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here comes another one just like the other one

So lookie what I woke up to about an hour ago:

That's another 4 or 5 inches (hard to tell with all the blowing) on top of what I shoveled last night. And you can see it's still coming down. Even better, the plows have not been through yet, which means 1) The roads driving to work are going to SUCK, and 2) Just as I am ready to leave the house I am going to get plowed in.

I called the office's emergency line, but they said it is business as usual. Seriously, I am pretty miffed at the company right now. Give us a late opening or something, at least. Allstate (corporate headquarters across the street from us) is probably closed completely.


Julie said...

So far it's pretty wimpy here, an inch tops, but I heard sleet when I got up so there's a layer of ice at the bottom of it. Lovely. Fingers are crossed that you get out before the plow comes! Drive safely.

Jennifer said...

HI! :) Just passing through and wanted to say hi!