Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And in other news...

I am about a third of the way done with the basketweave sleeves...which to me seems like a good pace, given that I am doing them both at the same time. There has still been a LOT of cursing and un-knitting, especially as I have to try to figure out how to make the basketweave pattern work with all the increases.

I am going to Portland, OR for work for a few days at the beginning of next week. I am hoping to have my STR stuff by then so I can get moving on the first sock on the trip (I am going to have a good 9 hours on a plane round trip, plus airport-sitting, etc.). Backup plan is to take the sleeves with me, but I really hope it doesn't come to that since those aren't nearly as portable. I think taking those would involve taking 4 balls of yarn with me (the two I'm working on right now are starting to get a little skimpy) - not to mention it's just a bigger project - and I'd rather not take up too much room in my luggage.

Is it spring yet? I am so tired of being cold. Cold down to my bones.

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