Thursday, May 18, 2006

SP8 Goodies!

So, I got home from work today and had something in the mail from my secret pal! It was a beautiful card, along with a bunch of origami bookmarks she made and some stitch markers made by her son.

Now for the photos :)

Here is the card (I love pansies, by the way!) and stitch markers.

A close up of the stitch markers so you can see how fabulous they are. They're copper and enamel, and I love them. Her son made these!

And just look at these gorgeous bookmarks! I love them all, but my favorites are the one with the dragonflies (in front) and the one that fades from purple to white to teal. These are just what I need, given the huge stack of books I've got going. And now I no longer have to use, um, squares of toilet paper to mark the pages *hangs head in shame*

So, since this blog is currently the only way I have of contacting my SP, I want to give her a big huge THANK YOU. This is a wonderful start and makes me feel really good. I am looking forward to getting to know you! You have also inspired me to do something similar for my giftee - I'm going into the city this weekend so I think I'll pick up something fun for her while I'm there.

Next, let's move on to some kitty photos!

This is my lovely Siamese cat, Tindomerel. I like looking at pictures of her, because the pictures are actually quiet! Hee, hee. I've been told by many Siamese lovers that she is very loud even for a Siamese. But she is good company, very affectionate and loves to play.

And here are Lomion and Tindomerel together. Pictures of Lomion usually end up looking funny because he's so dark there is no definition in his face. All you see is his eyes in a sea of black.

And here are the socks I finished awhile ago (with Lomion peering in from the upper left corner). See how HUGE the foot is on the right one? The one on the left is also a bit big, but not quite as bad. I just can't decide if I should rip them apart or not. The dumb thing is that it's not even about gauge, it's because I didn't follow the pattern correctly. In either case! Gah. I have enough of this yarn left to do at least one more sock, if not two, so I might just cast on for another one and see what happens.

And finally, I thought I would leave you with a photo of the reason I don't get to knit more. It takes me over an hour to get to and from work most days. It's about 23 miles. Rain makes it even worse. I hate Chicago-area traffic.


Michelle said...

Aw, kitties. (And Sp8 goodies, let's not forget those). I love the cats' names- are they taken from somewhere, or are they your own creation?

Michelle said...

The cats' names are both Elvish (big Tolkien fan here). They weren't used in any books as far as I know - I found them from an online Elvish dictionary.

Lomion means child of twilight, which I found fitting because he's a black kitty. Tindomerel means nightingale (and is also a derivative of Tinuviel), which is appropriate because she's a Siamese who NEVER SHUTS UP. :)

Adrienne said...

There are no kitties like Siamese kitties:) My Duke is a total baby and he is a loudmouth too.