Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rough few days.

Sorry I dropped off for a bit there - I have had a few really difficult days at work and by the time I've gotten home, have been very upset and not up to doing anything at all online.

Anyway. I've had a few knitting mishaps. I would post photos, but they don't show well in photos.

First, I started another pair of socks. However, this yarn is decidedly thinner than the yarn with which I did the first pair. To make socks with this yarn, I'm going to need ittier-bittier needles. At first I was thinking maybe a looser knit would be OK for summer or something...but nah, it looks like crap. So that's been shoved aside.

Then I did a gauge swatch in basketweave to make sure all was well before starting on a sweater for my husband. Well, the swatch looks like crap. Why? Because I knit the wrong side backwards. The next one I did was perfect. (This is still difficult for me, because it takes me a good hour to knit a gauge swatch.) So anyway, good swatch done, I start working on the ribbing at the bottom. Next day at the doctor's office waiting room, I notice the ribbing looks nothing like ribbing, because apparently I've forgotten how to do ribbing and I KNIT THE FREAKING WRONG SIDE BACKWARDS. Holy hell. I think I'm going to go back to just knitting in the round. Bah. Well, I did start the sweater over and the ribbing looks quite nice now. But it drives me batshit to have wasted time over something so stupid.

And I want more Manos but I'm too lazy to go to the store. I'm impatient for SP8 to start, that will force me to get off my ass and spend a ton of money on yarn.

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