Monday, May 15, 2006

4 days till I can have a real workout.

So the mole-removal surgery was April 27th (though I didn't mention it here). I had to limit my activity completely for a week. After that, I was told no swimming for another 2 weeks (I swim a LOT so this has been painful). I've been walking a couple miles (or more if I can) every day, but it's just not the same. Meanwhile, I have been baking up a storm, and eating it! I feel like a COW. So Friday is going to be my first day back at the gym, and I am so looking forward to it. I'm toying with the idea of going to a yoga class on Wednesday, instead of walking. I think my shoulder can handle that much movement a couple days early. It really only feels uncomfortable if I stretch my arm far toward the opposite side, and I really don't have too much occasion to do that. Anyway, hopefully soon I will be on the path away from cow-ness.

Update on the sandwich bread situation: I haven't eaten any as I had lunch provided at work today, but C said it is really really good with the flax in it. That is a relief.

Oh, and the fancy bread went over well at work today. I think some people were disappointed it wasn't chocolate, but didn't want to admit it. Poo on them.

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