Monday, May 22, 2006

Belated weekend update

So C and I went into the city on Saturday to meet up with our friends Dawn and John. We took the train in and walked to the Art Institute. Since we're members, we figured we'd wander around for awhile before heading over to the Field Museum to meet them. Well, the security guard told us that C couldn't go in with his backpack, and we would have to pay $1 to check it. While standing near the gallery entrance being annoyed by this and trying to decide if we should just do it or head straight over to the Field, we saw no less than 15 people walk in, right past security, with backpacks. The inconsistency was the worst part of it. I filled out a comment card at the information desk - to me that's a load of crap.

Anyway, we then walked over to the Field Museum, got there around 1:00, and find out the museum is closing at 3:00 due to some special event (not noted on their website, which said the museum was open until 6:00). Luckily, Dawn and John showed up while we were still in line, and we all decided it wasn't worth paying to get in for less than 2 hours. We wandered over to the Shedd Aquarium next door, which was $23 per person (ouch) but was fun, except for the people in front of us with HORRIBLE B.O. at the dolphin show! That was the worst B.O. I've ever witnessed.

So after the aquarium we went to Millenium Park, where I finally managed to get a few photos...

This is the Cloud Gate sculpture, affectionately called "The Bean" by locals. It was actually just officially declared finished a week or so ago (it's been there awhile, but they had to buff out the seams between the metal sheets, etc.)

Here is what it looks like standing under the Bean, with lots of other people (I am in there somewhere but good luck finding me - even I couldn't do it)

And finally, the video fountain, which didn't start spewing water until AFTER I put my camera away..... (dammit - why is this upside down? I hate Photobucket. I have rotated this thing I don't know how many times. You're just going to have to see it upside down.)

So after that we went to a great dinner at Rosebud, which was a lot of fun.

Oh, I also started re-working on my iPod case on the train, and got a couple inches done on it. I did another inch or so yesterday. So, 4 more to go, plus a flap thingy, and then I have to felt it and do a bunch of finishing work. The kicker is, I don't even like the colors of the yarn I ended up with, but I'm finishing so I can at least have something to keep my iPod in until I do one in better colors. Anyway, I will take pictures of this soon.

Yesterday we did TONS of weeding. There is still lots more to do, but we are hoping to plant everything over Memorial Day weekend, so we just have to keep at it.

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