Sunday, May 14, 2006

Defective pantry.

So, I was happily throwing together all the ingredients for this week's sandwich bread, when I discover in the midst of mixing that I seem to have no sunflower seeds. Gah! This is the sort of thing I consider to be a pantry staple, where as soon as you use the last bit you buy more, and you take it for granted that you always have some. Well, not this time. We needed garlic anyway, so C ran out to the store. Of course all he could find was roasted and salted, and the recipe needs raw. He went to 2 stores and asked, and everyone thought he was nuts. So apparently one can only purchase sunflower seeds at Whole Foods. I gave up and used flaxseed instead; hopefully that will taste OK. It looks and smells fine, now that the bread is done.

Got my SP8 match today, now I just need to start coming up with cool things to do for her. I usually have a ton of fun with this kind of stuff; this is just the largest-scale such effort I've been involved with.

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