Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Opinions Needed.

So I discovered today that I need to go on a business trip next week. This means I need to start a new sock, as the project I'm just about to start (a throw rug) won't work too well on an airplane. The new Rockin' Sock Club pattern is about 2 weeks away from arrival, plus the first one was so complex I'm not sure I'd want to take the next one on a trip either.

What I need are recommendations for a good pattern. It doesn't have to be super easy, although I'd prefer not having to mess with cabling. I'm good with either cuff down or toe-up - I have to say that I really loved a lot of things about the toe-up pattern for the Inside Out socks I just finished. I have 2 more skeins of STR in my stash and am thinking I'll use one of those. I haven't done Jaywalkers yet, so that is a possibility, but I need to examine the pattern more before I decide (I keep skimming it). So I would love to hear people's thoughts...I am thinking I will probably cast on Friday or Saturday evening, so you have a few days to think about it and respond. :)


K. said...

How about boring old ribbed socks? They are always easy. Do you have any sock books? As in, what patterns do you have? Good luck coming up with it!

tapmouse said...

I have been wanting to try Cookie's "Monkey" socks, which many people are saying is a very easy repeat to follow. I also like alot of the Sockbug patterns:

I've done River Rapids and found it challenging enough to make it fun and pretty, yet easy to follow along on, once you get the patterning down.

bobbi said...

the cable sock that I just finished is not difficult at all, and a cable needle is not needed.
I'll bring you the pattern and if you have not already casted on something you might want to give it a try.
better yet, check it out at
happy knitting

bobbi said...

the site is

Michelle said...

Tapmouse, I was going to recommend the Sockbug patterns, too! I've done the river rapids socks before, and am planning another pair soon.