Saturday, April 21, 2007

Apparently I am an idiot. :(

Can someone help me with this? I am on the 3rd row of the lace pattern for the Monkey socks, and am hopelessly confused.

The instructions say to do this for each needle (16 stitches on each of 4 needles):
[P3, k2tog, k3, yo2, k3, ssk, p3] to end.

So. I purl 3 stitches, do the k2tog, knit 3, 2 yarn-overs, knit 3, ssk, and I have ONE stitch left, because I've decreased two. Yes, I did increase two as well, but those aren't available for purling at the end. Someone please tell me what I did wrong so I can continue on with the pattern? It is knitting up nicely with the STR, but I am thinking I must be messed up because I've never done lace of any kind before.

I have searched the Internet, and all I find is people saying what a great, well-written pattern this is, so it's clearly me. Help!


Christa said...

If I count up the stitches
p3 - 3
K2tog -up to 5
K3 - 8
YO2 - not working any stitches so still 8
K3 - 11
SSK - 13
P3 - 16
Since you only have 1 left after the SSK instead of the 3 you need, I think you might be doing something weird with the YO2
What you should do is knit 3, wrap the yarn twice around the needle for the two yarn overs then knit the second three. When you do the two yarn overs, you aren't supposed to work a stitch. There should be two wraps between the two k3. I hope this helps.

Julie said...

I do think Christa's got it- wrap twice for YO2 without working a stitch in between and then on the next round each of those wraps will get worked as a stitch. It's pretty clear on the chart but definitely the sort of thing that's terribly confusing when you first start doing lace. I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck on something like this!

Michelle said...

Well, the chart shows the middle 2 stitches as being yarn-overs, so it looks to me like you are supposed to do two of them. From the research I have done, it looks like a YO is where you pull the yarn to the front like you're going to purl, but then knit normally, so you end up with an extra stitch. So how do you do a YO without using a stitch? I just wrap twice and go right into the 3 knit stitches? Sigh.

Michelle said...

OK, I went to yet again, and I think I might get it now. Off to give it a shot.

Being sick does NOT help with all this, I must say.

bobbi said...

you are not an idiot, just not feeling very well and that can make anyone not think straight