Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sorry - no photos yet :(

I'm having a bit of a camera issue. By which I mean that I hate the software that came with my camera, and the drivers for it don't let the computer view the camera as a drive, so I can't use other software very easily. So I'm sort of boycotting uploading photos until I get this all figured out.

But! I am still knitting. Last Sunday I started working on the front of the basketweave sweater (the one where I completed the back around August or so). I'm about 20 rows away from the armhole decreases, so I'm making good progress. In another week or two I should be done with that and grafting the front and back together...this will allow me to have C try it on so I can figure out how long the sleeves need to be. He has unusually long arms so I'm not going with what the pattern tells me to do. The only part of the sweater I am nervous about is the zipper (it has a zip neck) - I have no idea how to install a zipper, and the pattern is no help. Anyway, it should be an adventure.

I'm also almost done with my own pair of retro rib socks...hoping to have those finished by the weekend :)

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