Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh sure.

I sign up for the Rockin' Sock Club, after much deliberation, and the company's bank decides the club must be a scam and refuses to give everyone's money to Blue Moon.

I did get my refund, but their site is still down so I can't re-register yet.

I feel so bad for these people (I met some of them at Stitches Midwest last summer and they are SO incredibly nice). What a huge pain in the ass.

Meanwhile, as I wait for the first shipment, I'm doing yet another pair of Retro Rib Socks, which I haven't gotten around to taking a photo of yet because I'm utterly lazy. I promise, no later than Saturday.


Julie said...

Can't wait to see the RetroRibs. I need to go back and do another pair of those for me since I goofed and felted the first. They still fit on my feet but felted socks are just a wee bit different from not ;) They are much more around the house socks they they were intended to be.

Anonymous said...

Watch out - its gonna be Christmas all over again very soon