Saturday, March 01, 2008

We've got to stop meeting like this

"Like this" being extremely infrequently.

The snow I mentioned a few weeks ago has kept coming, so that's been part of it. Also, the Arwen sweater has been horribly frustrating. I did a horrific cable mis-cross (and by horrific I mean that I couldn't stand to look at it) and had to tink back 12 rows, because I'm not comfortable ripping such complex cabling. After I fixed that, I seemed to make a mistake every other cable row, so I'd knit 4 rows, tink 3, knit 4, tink 3, and so on. This continued until I finally made myself stop working on it when I was stressed about work. That means it was primarily getting picked up on the weekends, and only every once in awhile during the week.

But I now present the completed right front of the cardigan:

And both fronts together!

I've already grafted together the top of the hood since I took the photos. Now for lots and lots of evil seaming (sleeves, back of hood, fronts to back, hood to back). I'm hoping I can get the seaming done by sometime tomorrow so I can block it and wear it on Tuesday.

Normally getting that done would be no problem, but I'm also sick. Started Tuesday with a bit of a cough, continued Wednesday, was much worse on Thursday, but by yesterday I was feeling much better and just had a residual cough. (Taking a vacation day from work - preplanned - probably didn't hurt.) But then today I've been feeling awful since I got up. I did go to the gym, which wasn't the best move, and then have been just relaxing and knitting, eating tea and soup, since I got home. It hasn't helped...I've actually been feeling worse and worse as the day has gone on. So I think I'll be going to bed for the night fairly soon, and keep my fingers crossed that I feel a ton better in the morning.

(P.S. The Solstice Slip socks are progressing as well, and I expect to have FO photos within a few days of finishing the sweater.)

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