Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweater Progress

OK, so you can now see how far along I am on the sweater:

I should have used circs, this is a lot of stitches to shove on a straight needle. Anyway, I love the way it is coming out, I just wish I was able to knit on it faster (or spend more time on it).

And some new yarn!

Bought this from someone on Ravelry. I like the way it knits up, and want to make socks for my grandma, who loves green. Now I just have to finish my huge pile of knitting to make grandma socks!

The latest Rockin' Sock Club yarn. I never would have picked this but I love it. I am sooooo far behind though - still on the kit from last June *wheeze* I think once I finish Arwen, socks will be flying off my needles though!


Kelly said...

I think you should give the sock club yarn to me...

Julie said...

The sweater looks fab! I just gave away all my straights. I haven't use a single one in 3 years and I've only been knitting for 4 so it was more than time to get them a new home :)

Michelle said...

The cardigan is looking great! The cabling goes really well with that colour.

I rarely- if ever- use my straights anymore. Circulars are just so much more useful!