Monday, January 07, 2008

Socks & Sweaters

I actually didn't knit much over the weekend (was very busy), but I have been knitting on weeknights.

Here is the progress on the Arwen sweater so far:

I would say the back is about a third done, maybe a bit more. I'm making it 23 inches instead of 19 inches (would rather have this a little longer). I bought lots of extra yarn to make sure I had enough! So far this is really boring, but then I can knit easily while watching a movie, or reading a book! When I get to the front (with the pretty Celtic cables), I expect it will be more interesting, but slower. I haven't studied the cable chart yet, not sure if there are even any rows without crosses....but I will slog through it either way.

The Solstice Slip socks are really fun, though I haven't touched them since I got to the gusset on Saturday:

I did in fact get the hang of cabling without a cable needle, which helps. I won't pretend I haven't dropped a few stitches while trying to cable, though :/ I love the way the color is producing a sort of "tiger stripe" effect...shows even better on the sole:

I knit on the Web Socks some in the car on Saturday (because I forgot to bring the Arwen sweater, but I keep the socks in the car)...still no photos of those.

We got new dining room furniture this weekend. This is very exciting for me - finally replacing the stuff I got straight out of college. No photos of that yet either, but I will have them - probably over this coming weekend so I can get them in the natural light.

And now I must get back to knitting so I have more stuff to entertain you with! :)

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