Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All kinds of fun

I took the last few days off to go to Ohio and help my mom out for a bit (she had surgery so she only has the use of one hand right now). Among my duties:
  • chauffeuring (lots and lots)
  • cooking for us to eat immediately, as well as cooking things and freezing them for her to eat later
  • chopping/shredding/grating to make cooking easier with one hand after I leave
  • trash collecting around the house
  • hair washing
  • moving large items
  • etc.
It seemed to be helpful for her...though the time went by really fast!

Here's one thing we saw on our foray to the local Whole Foods:

I have never seen ostrich eggs in the store before. It was tempting, but we had no clue what we'd do with them, so we moved along.

I also went to visit my dad for a few hours. My 13-year-old stepsister was painting a window for Halloween at the local Caribou Coffee, so we hung out there for a while....I got some knitting done (which subsequently was ripped out...sigh). The finished window:

Pretty impressive, eh? A ghost dressed up as a pumpkin and a pumpkin dressed up as a ghost. :)

I also snapped a photo of this hanging from a tree on my dad's street:

It's very blurry because I had to crop the heck out of it in order to be able to see what the subject of the photo is. A mini-pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face and bat wings. I thought this was so cute.

I do need to mention that I went to 3 yarn stores in Ohio and didn't buy anything. Behold my awesome willpower.

And I did actually get some progress made on my long-suffering Grasshopper socks:

Pretty good progress, especially considering I had to rip and re-do the heel 4 times. I'm about 8 rows from starting the cuff. And then I have a whole other one of these to do. :( I love the result but am hating the knitting - much like Bayerische. But I have to get through the STR club socks because I signed up for next year :) Hopefully that wasn't a bad idea, but I did love the first installment and the others look like they'll be OK to knit too.

Some yarn for Christmas knitting:

Blue Sky Organic Undyed Cotton in Nut

Blue Sky Organic Undyed Cotton in Bone

And I leave you with the best yarn score of all...the latest installment of the STR club:

Part of the Raven series - Lenore. This photo is a little dark, but the yarn is black with red and purple in it. I LOVE it. And the pattern, but I didn't take a photo of the pattern.


erica said...

Ohhh...Lenore. Such a pretty dark yarn.

MorgSz said...

Oh *that's Raven. Pretty - I love the spiders next to it! And congrats on the Anastasia socks - I like that pattern. It looks interesting enough to keep your attention and not so complex that it takes hauling the pattern along with.

Michelle said...

An excellent haul! Yes, I've been wondering about the Raven series, myself. And I really like that window your stepsister painted.