Saturday, August 11, 2007


So, we're're not allowed to take any photos inside the convention center, and I didn't even try to take any sneaky ones.

We used my GPS to get us there since Rosemont is such a black hole and it seems impossible to find your way to where you are going. We got there without a hitch, but it took us forever to navigate through the parking garage and get a spot. There was also a comics convention going on, and there were a lot of really, um, scary people.

We started off at the booth for The Fold, to get some STR before it got any more picked over:

Lightweight in Fire on the Mountain (I think this is my favorite colorway)

Lightweight in Amethyst (not available on their website)

And Silkie in Ruby Slippers. I love both the yarn and the colorway and can't wait to find the perfect pattern for this yarn.

At Jimmy Bean's, I managed to find the pattern and yarn for the Baby Bobbi Bear:

Pattern (they also had a sample finished one, which solidified my desire to make one)

2 skeins of organic cotton (I have some black yarn I can use for the eyes and nose). If I like making this, I may make them for the niece and nephew for Christmas.

I also searched for Koigu in the purple colorway that Julie made her Web socks (in the title of her blog) out of. Well, I found it in one booth and it looked totally blue, not even the least bit purple. So I found an eggplant-y purple in another booth that was absolutely perfect, and here's what it looks like at home:

More like cranberry. So I should have gotten the other one as well, it probably looked more purple at home too. What's funny is none of the STR colors look the least bit different at home than they did in the hall. Very strange.

And that is actually all I bought. I was looking for some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and didn't find it anywhere at any price, so I will be needing to do some online shopping for it. I'm also going to place an STR online order for some of the colors I was wanting that weren't available at Stitches.

We also got semi-lost on the way home (that's what we get for the easy trip there I guess). Our exit from the tollway was closed, and it ended up taking us a half hour to get to where we would have originally entered the tollway. We should have listened to the GPS, it kept telling us to turn around until we finally got far enough away. I hate Rosemont. Luckily Stitches is going to be in a different (still local) location next year which should be infinitely better.

Oh - I almost forgot the best part! When we were in The Fold's booth for the second time (Kelly felt she needed to buy more STR), we were talking to Toni about the Kissing Booth story - which I had also sent to Tina at BMFA, and she mentioned that Tina had called her after getting my email and said "what is this kissing booth thing?" Not sure whether or not this is as funny to other people, but it has been several months and the story/joke has not gotten the least bit old yet for any of us.


Erica said...

I really like that cranberry color. I've been thinking that my future sock yarn purchases should include more solid or shaded solid colors.

Jennifer said...

you know i've been really wanting one of those bears... hint. lol. if you have a chance to, it would seriously rock. :D