Sunday, August 26, 2007


I know it's been forever since my last post, but I wanted to be able to share this with you:

After 2 months, I have the first one done. I'm not going to be all Second Sock Syndrome about this, but I will probably wait a few days to cast on for the second one. I really want to finish that second Jaywalker, which has been languishing for a few weeks.

Also got some yarn deliveries yesterday! Woo!

The August sock club installment. This is lightweight, for those who are curious. When I will get around to knitting this is anyone's guess, since I am still working on the April one and haven't touched the June one. But I do have some vacation time coming up, so you never know.

20 balls of Wool of the Andes. I am planning to make Cardigan for Arwen with this. The deciding factor for that pattern was - no zipper, no buttons. :) I am planning to make it a little longer than specified, hence the extra few balls.

And some Andean Silk, which is going to become Fetching. Fingerless gloves might be nice to have in 6-8 weeks or so.


Julie said...

The sock is absolutely gorgeous! Arwen is a lovely cardi, eventually I'll get round to knitting one for myself but must get other stuff finished first.

MorgSz said...

Yay for first sock finishing! I finished mine, but I was afraid of alerting the knitting gods to my success. I'm doing the same thing, too - I'm waiting to cast on the next one.

Oh, I did wear it around the house, and now it has dog fur on it. It's a nice design feature, I think ;)

Michelle said...

Wow, that's one impressive sock! Nice yarn, too.

Erica said...

We will ensure you knit the second sock. There is no escape from the bavarian torture stitch.