Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not so sure...

So on Monday evening I went to the eye doctor. I only had one pair of contacts left, and they didn't feel like they fit all that well anyway. Plus, my eyes had been hurting.

Well, I got eyedrops for "allergies". Not so sure about this, but OK. I'm going to ask the allergist about that when I go in there in a couple weeks.

Got a new trial pair of contacts, with a new prescription. Well, most of the day I don't notice anything, but when I'm driving, I notice that I can't read road signs until I'm practically on top of them. Same thing with license plates. So I'm thinking this prescription isn't quite right. I think tomorrow I am going to wear the "old" pair and pay extra attention to how well I can see. And if I remember, I will do the same when I drive to and from the gym in the morning (since I wear glasses until I get home from the gym and finish getting ready).

Gah. Why does getting an eyewear prescription have to be so seems like this always happens. I'm glad I didn't actually order any of these new contacts yet.

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