Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have I mentioned I HATE un-knitting?

So, I'm working on the second sock of my first pair. It's a top-down pattern and I'm about halfway to the heel. Yesterday evening I noticed a weird looking stitch about 3 rows down from where I was working. Gah. I went back and forth, should I just ignore it or should I go back and fix it... Well, since I'm thinking about giving these socks as a gift, I decided I really had to go take care of it, or it would drive me crazy. So back I went, which took me easily 10 times longer than knitting those rounds to begin with. Dropping stitches (and luckily getting them back on the needles again), splitting the yarn, cursing like a sailor... Eventually I get there and it looks like I had double-wrapped the yarn. So, back to knitting and it seems all is well with the world (of my sock), but the stitches were REALLY tight for a couple rounds. Maybe that just happens with un-knitting, or maybe just with my inexperienced un-knitting. It seems to be OK though. I'll try to get a picture of the one that's finished; it's in a fun self-patterning yarn. I think socks are going to be my main project(s) this year but I also have SO many others I want to do. Don't ask where I'm going to find the time, I have no clue!

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