Saturday, April 29, 2006


I just made the "On the Fence Brownies" from the King Arthur Cookie Companion book. These are the brownies I have been trying to make for years. They are perfect. Dense, chewy, chocolaty, and a zillion calories. Just the thing for the week I am not allowed to work out, on doctor's orders! (I have convinced myself that healing from surgery burns mega-calories.) Anyway, this recipe alone is worth the 20 bucks for the book. This is the first thing I've made from it, and I'm sure there are tons of other good recipes in there, but this is going to be a standard. Very easy too! It doesn't even involve melting chocolate in a double boiler, which I'd figured I had to do for the kind of brownies I was after. I like them intensely chocolaty and dark. I am in heaven.

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