Saturday, November 24, 2007

Catching up...

I am way way behind in my blog posting...primarily due to Christmas knitting. :/

So here is the practice bear...

I guess he could have used a bit more stuffing...though he seemed overstuffed at first. This is my first stuffed knit item, so I guess I am learning there. I got the nose on but am having horrific trouble embroidering the eyes (you can see a bunch of fuzz from my prior attempts). I am hoping someone at Ktog will be able to help me next week.

Here is Reece's bear minus face embroidery:

I actually don't like the duplicate stitch effect around the I don't think I'll do that for the next one. This one definitely turned out better though, aside from my forgetting how to do m1 increases without making's not so bad that I feel the need to rip it out though.

And my pet project - this is what I keep bargaining with myself on....if I do some work on the bears, I can do some work on these....

This pic was taken a few days ago. I'm now past the heel and just finished the gusset decreases. I love love LOVE this pattern. Very easy (though not so mindless I can read a magazine while knitting), really fun, and just LOOK how beautiful it is!


This sock is really all I want to do. I'm going to the symphony tonight, so this will be coming along with me for the car ride (the bear just isn't so good for car knitting).

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Jessica said...

So, that sock looks AWESOME. What pattern is that? What yarn? i miss you guys at Ktog - I can never make it :/