Monday, September 03, 2007

More sockin'

So I cast on for Anastasia last night...and when I finished the toe I had to start over because I screwed up the "wrap and turns"... this happened last time I did a short row toe by the way...but I persevere because I love not having to graft the toe closed. I went for it again this morning and by late afternoon had finished one chart repeat!

I really like these colors. The yarn is actually a little more purple than it looks like here. I thought I did a decent job capturing the color, but I guess not.

And for my Ktog buddies (I know you were worried) I did cast on for the second Bayerische this evening...I am only 4 rounds into the cuff but figure I will finish the cuff tonight so you can all see me swearing at row 2 of the charts tomorrow! I couldn't let you down!


Julie said...

That's just gorgeous already, love the colors! I'm also glad to hear you've cast on for the second Bayeriche :)

Kelly said...

I have to do the increases tonight when I get home from work so I can start working that great chart at meetup tonight

Jessica said...

Yummy sock, that Anastasia! i am afraid of toe-up. I should just do it, right? I always get holes, though, when I do the wrap and turn.