Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick Update

Yesterday morning my friend Bobbi and I went to Caribou Coffee for a little caffeine and knitting. We hung out for a couple hours and met lots of nice people who wanted to talk to us about what we were knitting (of course I was working on a sock which intrigued a lot of people). Anyway we had so much fun that we are planning to do it again on Friday night (I always sit around the house knitting on Friday nights anyway).

I am about halfway down the leg on the current sock. It's moving slowly, partly because I had no time to work on it today (maybe I'll have 20 or 30 minutes just before bed, so that means one pattern repeat). I was hunting down my dress for the work Christmas party this weekend. I bought one on Saturday, only to find out when I got home that one of the straps was damaged. I went to one mall at lunch today - no luck, but I went to another one after work and was successful. I also picked up a necklace to go with it - with this low neckline I think it needs one, even though I almost never wear jewelry. I'm posting a photo of the dress, haven't taken one of the necklace yet, but it is a gold chain with big loops, threaded with a red velvet ribbon that matches the dress. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow. The dress looks more purple than it really is - I think it's because the walls in the room are purple. Anyway it's more like the color of a nice cabernet. :)

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Lacy said...

Very pretty. J's Christmas party is business casual. I don't really have anywhere to wear a dress like that, which makes me sort of sad :/