Friday, December 08, 2006

If only every workday could be like this...

So for Christmas, my boss today took us to a glassblowing studio where we got an hourlong (very cool) demo and then we each got to make something. I made a paperweight, but I don't get to bring it home for another couple days (it has to cool down very slowly or it will shatter). Anyway, I don't have photos yet, as someone else was taking them, but I know for sure they were taking photos of me as I was working on my piece, so I'll be sure to post them (um, depending on how awful I look). Then we went out to a fun Japanese restaurant for lunch, and then after that (around 2:15) we got to go home. What a great way to end the week :)

Anyway, here is the necklace photo I promised:

Finally, here is my progress on the sock I started Sunday.

Not as fast as the last one, but I have been crazed this week and haven't had much time. I'll be working on it for a minimum of 3 hours tonight though, so I plan to at least get the heel turned and the gusset stitches picked up...ideally I would manage to get the gusset decreases done, but we'll see where that goes. Knitting does get a bit slower when chatting. :)

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