Saturday, July 01, 2006

So, so much to tell you!

Well, my camera seems to have trouble connecting to my PC... I do have photos of my lovely SP gifts in there, but I can't post them! So let me start by saying she sent me a gorgeous beaded fabric flower-shaped bowl that she made herself, and has a removeable pincushion in it. Photos will be posted as soon as I can get the stupid thing to work - and if I can't, I will get C to take photos with his camera, because his works fine.

The photos I can share with you are from graduation...

Here is the ballroom at Navy Pier in downtown Chicago....

Here is the back of me as I am actually receiving my diploma (woohoo!)

And here I am out on Navy Pier afterward with the city in the background.

It feels SO good to be done. Although I really don't feel like I have more free time, because I am working so many hours lately (not fun when you don't get paid overtime). Hopefully that will calm down soon.

And now for today's news - I went out and got a new car this afternoon!

It's a Toyota Prius (if you can't tell) and I LOVE it. I got lucky - I walked into the dealership and they had the exact car I wanted, that someone had ordered and bailed on last night. They had a bunch of people interested but I was the first to claim it. So far I have only driven it home but it is the coolest car ever. It has more stuff on it than I will probably ever use. So tonight I guess I will be reading the manual trying to figure all this out!


Michelle said...

Congrats on your graduation! I hope work settles down for you.

Nice car! You now drive the same make of car as Brian Griffin from Family Guy. This makes you immediately cool (says the strange woman with the knitting blog).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on graduation and the car as well!


Cerella said...

Congratulations and I LOVE your car!!!