Monday, July 31, 2006


It's disgusting outside, for anyone who cares. I think it officially went over 100 degrees. For the record, I begin to melt at temperatures over 76. I really need to move to Seattle; I can put up with the rain - what I can't handle are these insane extreme temperatures.

I have no garden photos, as I am not willing to venture outside. I hope the tomatoes are having a field day with this heat. From the back door I can see that we have 5 or so peaches on our peach tree. Originally I thought we would get peaches the size of apricots, but they look to be normal peach size! This is really exciting. I'm guessing they will be ripe within the next few weeks. Can you imagine - organic peaches from your own backyard? My mind is reeling already. I got some non-0rganic but grown in Illinois ones at the store recently and those were pretty fantastic. So much better than the crap from California that is bred for shipping, but not for eating!

I forgot to post the Calla lily I bought at one of the art galleries in Wisconsin:

It's made of blackened steel and brass. The brass part is removable and it's made to be able to hold a taper candle. I think it's the coolest. Haven't decided where to display it, though. (Also, my kitchen walls are red, not pink. Bah.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand some knitting photos!

Here is the red sock. It's slow going but it's coming along.

Yesterday my hands started hurting with all this tiny tiny knitting, so I decided to work on another sock on size 3's. I liked this much better, as in about an hour and a half I got this far:

At this rate I'll be done with a pair of these before I cast on the second red one.

Work still is mostly sucky. I'm working on this project that is sucking the life out of me. Mostly because every day a problem crops up that threatens to derail the whole freaking thing...and then somehow we manage to get things under control...and then it starts all over again the next day. Right now there's a big one that's been brewing for 3 days, and there's a need for a decision as to whether to delay implementation for a month...which, by the way, management will NEVER sign up for. At least I've gotten all my mid-year reviews delivered. My own review is Wednesday, but I'm really not too worried.

Off to put in some more time on the sockies....


Lacy said...

The socks look good, meeze.

On Seattle. One of my friends lives there, and he just emergency ordered air conditioners for his house. Apparently, they've been getting some of the same nasty heat that we have.

Michelle said...

Yeah, but it's very much out of the ordinary there. (Otherwise, your friend probably would have already had AC!) Here, we routinely get into the 90's in summer, which keeps me hiding inside just as much as the winter does.

Lacy said...

This is true. I was in Seattle in ..February, I think, and it was lovely. The city proper seems to die at night, though.