Friday, March 20, 2009

It's madness!

So a friend convinced me to sign up for Sock Madness (I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to it). The first pattern was released yesterday, and I got this much done:

I'm plugging away. Some people are already done! Yikes!

Oh, and Tuesday was my last day at work. I'm spending time on my resume and on applying for things, but I do have more time than usual for sock knitting ;)


Julie said...

Don't sweat round one, it really does take forever. Even when you get knocked out you can keep up for awhile if you want to because they take breaks between rounds. Had I not had a sinus infection last year I think I could have kept up through round 4 or maybe even 5. You get all the fun pattern regardless so unless you're super competitive it's a win-win imho.

Amanda said...

ok. crazy, I know... but for whatever reason I thought of you today and did some tracking down. can't find you online, but thought maybe you check in here or it would email you. if so, comment again and it'll get to my email.